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We have consistently produced significant equity returns over the life of our investments by capitalizing on our extensive experience, adhering to a successful acquisition criteria, and engaging in active asset management of our portfolio. This has set us up for consistent and significant returns over several years.  Some of the ways we are able to accomplish this is through:


Demand Hospitality is a leading hotel management company specializing in hotel development and construction. We have completed a range of projects, such as new construction, value add on existing hotels, and creating innovative hospitality spaces. With an experienced team of industry professionals, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and value for our investors.

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Repostioning:  Finding a true diamond in the rough. This has generally provided us with our highest returns. These assets have allowed us to practice what we preach and created the philosophies that has led to our success today. Through various methods such as renovations, re-branding, expense control and creative capital structuring., we aim to create value in an undervalued  or distressed asset. More importantly, we are able to bring our culture into the asset and create a better environment of the community and our employees.  Generally, it takes at minimum of 3 years to reposition and stabilize the asset. These assets can be held  longer then the average new construction as well depending on various factors such as replacement costs and so on.    

New Construction:  Using our investment philosophies to find new opportunities that will position us for greatest returns. We work closely with the brands to secure franchises that fit the need of that area. We often focus in secondary markets of major cities. This allows us to compete in markets that major institutional funds may not be interested in entering. A typical holding period for our investments are 7 to 10 years. We strive hard to provide value to the buyers as well, This has helped foster a great working relationships and partner in the hotel industry.

New Construction: We specialize in new construction projects, offering expertise in every phase of development. From market analysis and feasibility studies to project management and operational strategies, we have a deep understanding of the industry's trends and guest preferences. With meticulous planning and execution, we create exceptional hotel properties that deliver outstanding guest experiences. Our focus on profitability and long-term success ensures that newly constructed hotels thrive in a competitive market.

Value add: our expertise lies in identifying and implementing strategies to enhance underperforming properties. Through expert analysis and market research, we identify opportunities for improvement and develop comprehensive plans to maximize the property's value. From renovations and rebranding to operational enhancements and revenue management, we leverage our industry knowledge and experience to transform hotels into profitable and successful ventures. Our focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences and driving financial results sets us apart in the value-add hotel management sector.

Unique touch points: Our expertise lies in crafting memorable experiences through thoughtful design, personalized service, and curated amenities. By combining our knowledge of value-add strategies with a focus on creating exceptional guest experiences, we deliver transformative results that set our properties apart in the market.

Management Services​​

Our full service management team is available at your service to take control and maximize profitability of the property. Our most successful option includes years of experience and innovation to give your property the best chance to succeed. Some of the services provided under this option are:​​

Daily Operations: full oversight of the property including our own management team. We will over see the staff and every aspect of the business and instill our proven methods and philosophies at every level of the organization.

Accounting: operational accounting is increased significantly in every department. Our managers and their accounting team will be in place to create an environment of greater oversight, complete transparency and a proven system that maximize margins and accountability.

​Revenue Management: Revenue specialists at the head office work directly with the management staff to make sure every room is being sold at the best price possible. Hotel segmentation reports will be made to track and predict market trends. With an emphasize of technology and constant over sight, our staff will constantly be monitoring over 300 distribution channels at any given moment to make sure you property is competing with your competitive set, as well maximizing profit  at every corner.​

Sales & Marketing: There has been a significant increase in importance of OTAs and social networking sites over the years. Our marketing team will work tirelessly to keep up with such innovations to make sure your brand is being exposed to every market possible. Our sales manager will promote the business to the community and businesses to set up group contracts and increase occupation all year long.

​​​Food & Beverage: ​With experienced management to overview everyday operations of your restaurant and bar, our team will find ways to increase profitability. With improvements to it's supply chain and increased accountability in staffing management, we will over see every aspect of this department and position it to target its audience better.

Renovations:  Our staff is experienced in complete renovations no matter the size of the project. We will work directly with vendors and contractors to make sure that the you getting quality work at the best price possible.


Human Resources: ​​Demand Hospitality puts a greater emphasize on hiring only the most qualified personal to assure the integrity of your business. We specialize in efficiency and making sure every employee is being utilized to their maximum abilities. Or outsource your staffing needs to our complete staffing solution under a specialized contract that provides the entire staff and payroll for your entire business.

​​​Distressed Asset Management: ​With experienced management team and a proven system, we are able to do a complete assessment of the property to determine the best course of action. We can take control of the asset at any point and use our methods to lead the way to stabilize the property and make the necessary cuts needed. We will create a detailed operating plan and budget to help steer the property towards profitability again. Finally, if necessary we will help improve the market to sell the asset by providing all necessary reports and research studies to assure the most value is received.

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